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Remember: TV Advertisements are like an arcade games. You only have a minute to win it.  And we are the best TV commercial production company in Chennai.

Pickle Monk Ads’ creative team nurtures the right script for TV Commercials, design stunning advertisements and captivates your audience via creative storytelling.

Create outstanding commercials that not only attract your audience but also resonate with them. Work with the top television commercial production agency now!


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The Witty Friendship

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Wizcart TV commercials
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The Magic

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Ad Film Production
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The Solo Shopping

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Wizcart TV commercial ads
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Sara Product Intro
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Seltra Sara Hair Dye 
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Sara - TV Commercials
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Seltra Sara Hair Dye 

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Chemical Free 100% Natural
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Seltra Sara Hair Dye 

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Sara Herbal Hair Dye
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Seltra Sara Hair Dye 
Solo Campaign

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Our Process

How do our monks work?


Understanding Requirements

The clientele makes inquiry of our services, provides sufficient details on the project - including objective of the video, target audience, medium of communication etc.,


Design Concept

This phase involves a combination of our creative monks coming together to ideate, plan & decide on execution.Communication between corporate & video production companies is regular - so as to arrive at a concept that fulfils the vision of the corporate.



Prior to finalising and start producing - various parameters are factoring in to create a structured storyboard - pictorial representation of every shot in the video.


Plan Production

Once a concept has been finalised and a storyboard has been drafted, the pre-production starts - schedule, organise shoot logistics, research filming locations, hiring ( in case of special equipment needed ) and audition actors and props.


Filming Video

Post prepping up the film set-up, the filming schedule starts and continues until the shot conveys what it is meant to. To avoid reshoots, multiple instances of a shot are ideated and executed.


Post Production

The final phase of your video production primarily comprises editing and delivering the finished videos. Post which if there are indeed valid corrections & iterations necessary - could be considered and executed for a better outcome.

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Our Story
We’re passionate about brand story-telling

Pickle Monk Advertising is a creative video production & brand design studio with offices in Chennai and Bangalore, India. Pickle Monk is a fully owned subsidiary of 6G Studios.

Pickle Monk Advertising comprises a spectacularly creative team that has helped more than 100+ clients across the globe catering from small businesses to Multinational Companies.

In short, Pickle Monk is a one stop solution for advertisements and branding activities handling end to end services for brands, films and other promotional activities

Our Team

Meet The Team

Venkat - Founder of Pickle Monk Ads


Pickle Monk Ads
Vignesh - Co Founder of Pickle Monk Ads


Pickle Monk Ads

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Our content production experts are available to address your inquiries.


Corporate Office & Studio

126, Azhagiri Street,
Majestic Colony, Valasaravakkam,
Chennai - 600 087

Branch Office

No. 297, 29th Cross, Balaji Layout, Kaggadasapura,
Bangalore - 560 093

3D Production Studio

2/118, SF, 136, SKS Nagar,
Karur - 639 003

Frequently Asked Questions


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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re TV Commercial Production Company based in Chennai, India. We specialise in creating memorable and effective TV commercials for your company or service. As an Ad Film Maker in Chennai, we get a lot of questions.

The following are the TV Commercial FAQs by our clients. So we compiled some answers here to make it easier for everyone to learn more about Pickle Monk Advertising.

If you don’t see your questions listed below or if you have any questions about our TV Commercial Services please give us a call!

We have produced lot of TV commercials. Television Commercial Production relies heavily on original thought, yet there is a well-defined procedure that is followed. Together, we can operate smart and fast, which is great for our advertising budget and our collective imagination.

TV Commercial Video Production process starting with pre-production and leading into the next stages of shooting and finally into post-production editing and Deliverables.

Yes. We have a team of writers, producers, directors, editors, and technicians standing by to make your vision a reality.

To get started, you don’t need give a script or even a storyboard. We have experts on staff that can assist you at any stage of the process. In collaboration with you, we can help develop the storyboard, script, and create your masterpiece.

Yes. We can write scripts for any size screen or length. We are enthusiastic about the new wave of advertising and marketing content and believe it represents an excellent opportunity for both creative talent and brands.

Ad Film Making doesn’t have to take a lot of time when working with talented and experienced videographers. Together, we will create a schedule that will guarantee a high-quality production by the deadline you choose.

Yes, we also produce ad films for digital medium such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, OTT Platforms, etc.

Digital Ad Films can have quite longer duration than TV Commercials.

Yes, we curate campaigns for brands.

It is difficult to give a general pricing range for TV commercial production because there are so many factors to take into account. Nevertheless, we will deliver Professional and Creative TV Ad Film Production Services at a reasonable cost.

It is difficult to give a general pricing range for ad film production because there are so many factors to take into account. Nevertheless, we will deliver Professional and Creative Digital Ad Film Production Services at a reasonable cost.

We can shoot your video in ultra high-definition with a specialized HD camera. The quality of this type of video is amazing; it maintains its resolution on even the largest displays.

Here are some different kinds of corporate videos from which you can choose.

▪     TV Commercial

▪     Ad Film

▪     Digital Film

▪     Conceptual Ad Film

▪     Presentation Ad Film

▪     Curiosity Campaign

Pickle Monk Advertising Ad Film Production Company and Ad Film Makers in Chennai, We can make great Ad Film for you if you’re interested. Call us to discuss our creative partnership.

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